Volume 12 Number 12 (Dec. 2021)
IJESD 2021 Vol.12(12): 346-354 ISSN: 2010-0264
doi: 10.18178/ijesd.2021.12.12.1360

Integrated Anaerobic-Aerobic Sequencing Batch Reactors for Unrestricted Reuse Using Greywater Treatment

Sarath Chandra Pragada and Arun Kumar Thalla
Abstract—This work is carried out to evaluate the efficiency of the pilot scale integrated scheme which comprises of an Anaerobic Sequence Batch Reactor (AnSBR) reactor, Aerobic Sequence Batch Reactor (ASBR), and sand filter for the elimination of organic matter and nutrient in synthetic greywater. The treatment effectiveness of the pilot plant was identified based on its pollutant removal efficiency for 12 months. The AnSBR removes 49.64, 64.24, 55.35, 87.82, 54.36, 32.73, 72.61, 34.88, and 72.11% of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Nitrogen (TN), anionic surfactant, Total Phosphorous (TP), Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4+-N), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3--N) and sulphates, respectively. Moreover, the removal efficiencies are improved to 84.27, 86.04, 80.8, 95.13, 80.55, 90.23, 72.98, and 75.45%, respectively, in the ASBR with an additional aeration period. The removal efficiencies of COD, BOD, TN, anionic surfactant, TP, TSS, NH4+-N, NO3--N, and sulphates have been improved progressively to 89.12, 94.9, 85.15, 99, 86.98, 88.54, 93.52, 94.89, and 80.49%, respectively in the sand filter. In tracer studies, that a total of 29.3% of the salt has been remained in the reactor which suggests a good deal of salt of the integrated system. Furthermore, this hydrodynamic study discloses a moderately low volume (30.3%) for the integrated system with the mean residence time is lesser than theoretical hydraulic residential time. Based on these findings, it is evident that the integrated anaerobic-aerobic system bounded with the sand filter process accomplishes the achievement of efficiency.

Index Terms—Aerobic reactor, anaerobic reactor, greywater, hydrodynamic studies, NaCl purge, sand filter.

The authors are with the Department of Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Mangalore, Karnataka, 575025, India (corresponding author: Sarath Chandra Pragada; e-mail: sarathpragada@gmail.com, arunkumar@nitk.edu.in).


Cite: Sarath Chandra Pragada and Arun Kumar Thalla, "Integrated Anaerobic-Aerobic Sequencing Batch Reactors for Unrestricted Reuse Using Greywater Treatment," International Journal of Environmental Science and Development vol. 12, no. 12, pp. 346-354, 2021.

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