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IJESD 2017 Vol.8(10): 696-702 ISSN: 2010-0264
doi: 10.18178/ijesd.2017.8.10.1041

Removal of Chromium from a Tannery Wastewater by Using a Maghemite Nanoparticles

B. Lkhagvadulam, B. Tsagaantsetseg, D. Tergel, and S. Chuluunkhuyag

Abstract—This study investigates the applicability of maghemite nanoparticles (MNPs) for the removal of total chromium (TCr) from the tannery wastewater (TWW). The MNPs of 122 nm were synthesized using a co-precipitation method and characterized by Nanometer particle size analysis (NANOPHOX), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). Batch experiments were carried out for the removal of TCr from the TWW by MNPs. The effects of dosage of MNPs, pH, initial concentration and contact time on TCr removal were investigated. Maximum removal efficiency of TCr in the TWW was achieved 96.7% at optimum condition (pH 2, MNPs dose was 0,5g/L, initial concentration of TCr was 33,2 mg/L, 40minute) at room temperature. It is observed that the best efficiency in removing major physico-chemical parameters (TCr, SS, COD, sulfide and turbidity) in the TWW, which are well below the standard prescribed limits for –úNS 6561: 2015.Thus the study suggests that the treatment with MNPs could be promising to reduce pollutants from the other TWW.

Index Terms—Maghemite nanoparticles (MNPs), tannery wastewater (TWW), total chromium (TCr), treatment.

The authors are with the Department of Environmental Engineering, School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Ulaanbaatar 14191, Mongolia (e-mail: Lkhagvadulam@must.edu.mn).


Cite: B. Lkhagvadulam, B. Tsagaantsetseg, D. Tergel, and S. Chuluunkhuyag, "Removal of Chromium from a Tannery Wastewater by Using a Maghemite Nanoparticles," International Journal of Environmental Science and Development vol. 8, no. 10, pp. 696-702, 2017.

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