Volume 2 Number 3 (June 2011)
IJESD 2011 Vol.2(3): 218-222 ISSN: 2010-0264
DOI: 10.7763/IJESD.2011.V2.127

Fenton-like Oxidation of Acid Red 1 Solutions Using Heterogeneous Catalyst Based on Ball Clay

H. Hassan, B. H. Hameed

Abstract—In this work, the Fenton-like decolorization of anazo dye, Acid Red 1 (AR1) by Fe–ball clay (Fe–BC) catalyst wasstudied. The effects of different reaction parameters such as initial iron ions loading on ball clay (BC), catalyst dosage, initial concentration of hydrogen peroxide [H2O2]0 and AR1 [AR1]0,reaction temperature and initial solution pH on the decolorization of AR1 were assessed. The best reacting conditions were found to be 1.0 wt. % of iron ions loading on BC,catalyst dosage = 5.0 g L-1, initial solution pH = 2.5, [H2O2]0 = 12mM, [AR1]0 of 50 mg L-1 at temperature 30 °C. Under these conditions, 99% decolorization efficiency of AR1 was achieved within 180 min of reaction. The results indicated that Fe-BCwas a promising catalyst for the heterogeneous Fenton system.

Index Terms—Decolorization, Acid Red 1, Fe–ball clay, Fenton-like, Heterogeneous Fenton.

H. Hassan is with the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. (e-mail: hamizura179@ppinang.uitm.edu.my).
B. H. Hameed is with the School of Chemical Engineering, Engineering Campus, Universiti of Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia. (e-mail: chbassim@ eng.usm.my).


Cite: H. Hassan, B. H. Hameed, "Fenton-like Oxidation of Acid Red 1 Solutions Using Heterogeneous Catalyst Based on Ball Clay," International Journal of Environmental Science and Development vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 218-222, 2011.

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