Volume 14 Number 3 (Jun. 2023)
IJESD 2023 Vol.14(3): 195-201
doi: 10.18178/ijesd.2023.14.3.1434

A Preliminary Assessment of Utilizing Solid Waste Fractions as an Agricultural Growth Medium in Arid Soils

Wojciech Hryb, Mohammad Alshawaf*, and Pawel Krysztofiński
Manuscript received October 19, 2022; revised November 18, 2022; accepted January 9, 2023.
Abstract—The fast-paced and globalized industrial/population growth has generated a vast consumerism-based culture, resulting in the rapid increase in municipal solid waste generation. Considering the case of Kuwait, the collection and disposal of waste has become a major economic and health issue for both the general public and the Kuwaiti government. Addressing and improving current waste disposal challenges, through utilizing (or recovering) basic materials from waste, will benefit society in terms of reductions in costs, pollution and associated negative health impact. The objective of this study was to assess the re-utilization prospects of waste materials (paper, cardboard and cotton) as a substrate for plant growth, consequently serving as a growing medium material, apart from naturally occurring soil. This investigation was conducted across two land plots in the Wafra region, located in Southern Kuwait. The plots were planted with Rhanterium epapposum and Festuca rubra seeds. Temperature, humidity and growth rates were measured during this study. Study results indicated that chemical composition of the growth medium is suitable for local conditions. Furthermore, the soil plot with added growth medium was found to retain moisture for prolonged periods in comparison to the plot lacking in growth medium. Field studies on grass germination and growth rates highlighted that waste-derived substrate is favorable to their development and adaptation within challenging environmental conditions. This investigation can play an important part for introducing and developing the concept of a circular economy within Kuwait, with potential to improve waste management within the country.

Index Terms—Circular economy, evaporation, growth medium, moisture, soil, waste management

Wojciech Hryb is with the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering, Department of Technologies and Installations for Waste Management, Silesian University of Technology, Poland.
Mohammad Alshawaf is with the Environmental Technology Management Dept., College of Life Sciences Kuwait University, Kuwait.
Pawel Krysztofiński is with Izoling-Akam Myśliwska 11 Tarnowskie Góry 42-603 Poland.
*Correspondence: mohammad.alshawaf@ku.edu.kw (M.A.)


Cite: Wojciech Hryb, Mohammad Alshawaf*, and Pawel Krysztofiński, "A Preliminary Assessment of Utilizing Solid Waste Fractions as an Agricultural Growth Medium in Arid Soils," International Journal of Environmental Science and Development vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 195-201, 2023.

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