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About Special Issues
Guidelines for Special Issue Proposals
Issuing a Call for Papers
The Responsibilities of Guest Editors in Peer-review Process
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About Special Issues

Special Issues are focused collections of papers on a specific topic, it’s an effective way to communicate current knowledge to experts working in the field and interested readers. These issues provide a venue for research on emerging areas, highlight important sub-disciplines, or describe new cross-disciplinary applications. Special Issues are led by Editorial Board Members or invited Guest Editors. Qualified scientists are encouraged to organize and guest edit special issues in their expertise areas with the journal. 
IJESD aims to frequently publish special issues that focus on research topics of environmental dynamics, global environmental change and ecosystems management, environmental restoration and ecological engineering, environmental sustainability, health and the environment and their applications, etc. Please view Aim and Scope (http://www.ijesd.org/list-15-1.html) to decide whether the topic is within the scope. Published special issues in IJESD are highly cited and have drawn maximal attentions in the same areas. The profiles and reputations of the guest editors increase together with the publication of the special issues.
IJESD generates Virtual Special Issues (VSIs) format. VSIs allow us to provide the benefits of rapid publication, while still offering the thematic and topical grouping of content for readers. Publication times are improved as VSIs follow the regular content workflow (authors no longer have to wait for the last Special Issue paper to be completed before publication of their own article). Articles are published in the journal's first available regular issue, whilst simultaneously being grouped together into a new section on website which dedicated to the VSI, including an introductory paragraph from the Guest Editor(s), a Guest Editor listing, table of contents and other data relevant to the VSI.
The benefits of VSIs include:
1. Reduced overall publication times
2. Reduced waiting time & increased author (of SI papers)
3. Lower risk of error for incorrect publication of SI content due to increased flexibility for moving/adding/removing items from VSIs, without affecting citation details

Guidelines for Special Issue Proposals

Potential Guest Editor(s) who would like to propose a Special Issue for IJESD are invited to prepare a proposal and then contact the editorial office (ijesd@ejournal.net). The executive editor will share the proposal with the Academic Editors, the editors will review the proposal and advise of their interest. All proposals will be thoroughly considered, however, please note that the Editors may ask for modifications to any proposal or reserve the right to decline a proposal. If the final proposal is accepted, a Special Issue information sheet must be completed and returned to the IJESD.
The Special Issue proposal must contain the following information: 
1. Introduction/Overview: Description of general topic and overall theme with sufficient background material easily understood by specialists outside the area. 
2. Importance of topic to IJESD readers: Description of why the proposed Special Issue will be important to a broad audience from different specialties. 
3. Guest Editors biographical information: Biographies of Guest Editors (names, titles, affiliations and contact information) along with a brief list of representative publications in the particular area. Co-editors are welcomed. 
4. Submission Deadline

Issuing a Call for Papers

If the proposal is approved, the Call for Papers will appear online to help researchers find and submit to the Special Issue. As the Editors will need to review the abstracts before full submission, authors are encouraged to prepare a tentative title and abstract for perusal first.

The Responsibilities of Guest Editors in Peer-review Process

The review process will be handled by guest editors who will also make the final decision on each manuscript in the end. The Guest Editors are responsible for overseeing the blind review. This includes selecting and recommending independent peer reviewers (at least two ‘blind’ reviews per paper); assessing reviewers' comments; reviewing the revised papers and the author's response to how the comments raised were addressed; making final decisions as to whether accept or reject submissions. The editorial office will be responsible for communication between authors, reviewers and guest editors, and final production process. 

Contact Us

Have additional questions about the Special Issue process? Get in touch at ijesd@ejournal.net.


General Information

  • ISSN: 2010-0264 (Print)
  • Abbreviated Title: Int. J. Environ. Sci. Dev.
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • DOI: 10.18178/IJESD
  • Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Richard Haynes
  • Executive Editor: Ms. Nancy Y. Liu
  • E-mail: ijesd@ejournal.net

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